Living Green

Sustainability is built into our company’s DNA and culture:

To us sustainability is more than just today’s “buzz” word as it impacts everything from the way our food is grown to the way our buildings are built and maintained.
A few ways we help to live green:

  • Researching and selecting materials that are high quality and eco-friendly.
  • Offering easy and convenient ways to recycle and take part in our on-site bike share program.
  • Providing residents with access to daylight and natural views and the ability to control heating and cooling systems located within their own homes. Large floor-to-ceiling windows achieve the desired outcome of adding natural daylight and sunshine.
  • Paying close attention to water conservation.
  • Transitioning to electronic paperless leases.
  • Utilizing a revolutionary new high-performance wall system with significant energy-saving insulation.
  • Placing storm water detention tanks underground to limit the strain on the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage system.